10 Mattresses to Aid in Relieving Back Pain

  • Posted On Mar 05, 2022
10 Mattresses to Aid in Relieving Back Pain

We spend around a third of our lives lying on our beds, but they may not be as fond of us as we are devoted to them. Back pain is usually exacerbated due to the mattresses we sleep onand in the wrong mattress could prevent you from enjoying an unwinding night's sleep. The good thing, however is that the most effective mattresses can help ease back discomfort.

Back pain can have many reasons, but one of the most frequent causes lower backaches is degenerative disc diseases or the degeneration of the spine as per Tamara Huff, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., an orthopedic surgeon from Columbus, GA. If the spinal discs that are spongy between vertebrae begin to shrink, become fragmented or rupture, as they usually do it is possible to experience the pain and pinching.

Other causes of lower and upper back pain can be postural problems as well as muscle imbalance and pulled muscles according to the doctor. Huff explains. Also, sleeping in a bad position (with your spine in alignment) can cause back pain, highlighting the importance of a quality mattress. Although a new mattress will not resolve all your issues but it will certainly assist.
What is the best mattress for back pain?

"You're significantly more likely be unable to sleep when you're experiencing back pain throughout the daytime," Dr. Huff advises, and it's essential to choose the correct mattress, or else you'll end up in a painful, 24-hour cycle. Here's the information you need to know prior to shopping:

Make sure you have the appropriate density. In the past orthopedic surgeons suggested an extremely firm mattress, however this recommendation has changed as Dr. Huff explains. It is recommended to have a density of moderate-firm according to the landmark study from 2003 and another study from 2015 which encourages "sleep in a comfortable, high-quality and alignment of the spine." Mattresses made of foam may be a bit better over spring alternatives, but the density of a mattress has a greater impact on the quality of sleep as well as back pain than materials do in according to Dr. Huff says. A good level of firmness can be achieved by using coils, foam or hybrid mattresses.

Take note of your sleeping position. Take note of your sleeping position and then choose a mattress that's in line with it. "If you're a side-sleeper you're likely to want a soft mattress as it eases some of the strain on your shoulders and hips," Dr. Huff says. "It can also help you align the spine." Back sleepers, for instance prefer more firm mattresses since their weight is evenly dispersed. For stomach sleepers, too (like Huff's Dr. Huff herself) should opt for a mattress with a pillow top (or the mattress's toppers) which allow for easy airflow, and less pressure on the neck.

Replace your mattress at the time. The Dr. Huff cites one 2009 study that showed a significant reduction in back pain as well as sleep disturbances when beds that were at 5 years or older were replaced with brand new ones. There's not much research on the best time to replace your mattress according to Dr. Huff says, but she believes in the Sleep Foundation's advice of replacing your mattress each six-to-8 years.

Choose mattresses that have the option of a trial. "So you'll be able to see what you like," Dr. Huff states. Whatever mattress you pick Dr. Huff says it is important to make sure you are using pillows in a way that keeps your spine in alignment as you sleep.

Are you ready to get the best sleep of your life? Check out these top mattresses to relieve back pain in the table below.

1. SweetNight Sunkiss

A hidden secret found on Amazon This memory foam mattress quite cheap, given how many reviews raving about it. "This mattress is exactly what it's advertised: soft and extremely comfortable. Just what I'm looking for with my low back pain and hip joint" one user writes. "Now I'm finally able to sleep throughout the night and not be awakened by discomfort. In addition, I'm not wake my husband up whenever I get up and use the bathroom in the evening." The secret to this is a non-so-deep design that is perfectly positioned to hit that sweet place, and works well with any sleeping position.

2. Helix Midnight Luxe

This Midnight Luxe mattress has six layers of foam, including the airy Tencel pillow top with a ton of supportive foam as well as more than 1,000 wrapped springs. They're the main feature of the mattress. They're soft in your shoulders, but firmer beneath your hips. This assists in aligning your spine through the night, particularly for those who sleep on their sides. "Ever since I purchased the Helix and haven't had to wake up with back discomfort," one reviewer raves. "I notice that I sleep more comfortably, turning and tossing less often and sleeping more comfortably in addition to the fact that it's the first mattress on which my wife and I both are equally comfortable on." Additionally, no delivery fees are the best part.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar's foam mattress is great for those who sleep on their sides because it's at the slightly soft end of the medium-firm range, that the Dr. Huff recommends for ideal hip and shoulder support. This is a vital solution to ease back discomfort. It's thick enough that it feels as if you're sleeping in a luxury hotel bed, and reviews are raving about the fact that it won't move when your partner tosses and turns throughout the night. Plus, Nectar has one of the longest trial periods of all the brands featured on this list, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who isn't sure.

4. Puffy Mattress

Puffy's flagship mattress has three different levels of foam each one designed to support your body and support your spine when you your sleep. In addition to that the cover is cool as well as stain-resistant and hypoallergenic, which means it can stand up to years of sleep. "After having spent months getting up with stiff backs and stiff necks and headaches frequently My wife and I changed our bedding," one reviewer writes. "We immediately saw improvements and enjoyed amazing nights of rest. We get up refreshed and are no longer suffering."

5. TEMPUR-Adapt(r)

Even though it's the priciest choice on this list, the Tempur-Adapt mattress has a higher quality than its cost. It's a remarkably sturdy hybrid It's a bit more firm than the other mattresses, yet still provides the same level of support and relaxation. (Yes it's true that you'll sink in it, and not want to go back up.) It also has cooling covers, which is great for people who is hot to sleep. "I purchased this mattress following my back surgery and it made a significant impact on the recovery process," one reviewer explains. "It is cold (even when I'm in Florida) it is extremely comfy. I finally sleep well and get up without back discomfort."

6. The DreamCloud

Stomach-sleepers will appreciate the hybrid mattress's pillow top, which is designed to support your neck and offers cooling airflow thanks to a blend of cashmere and quilted foam. It's just the first of five layers that includes memory foam as well as individual wrapped coils. It's a mattress that's as comfortable as sleeping on cloud. It includes sheets, pillows and a mattress protector, not a thing less.

7. Saatva Classic

Although it's not the cheapest Saatva's Classic choice in a luxurious firm (translation medium-firm) appears and feels higher-end than its cost would suggest. The hybrid mattress is constructed with a dual coil design and high-density memory foam both of which help to prevent sliding, improve comfort, and increase the lifespan of your mattress. Also, it's ideal for those with back pain "As an individual with leg and back pain, I've been dreading getting into sleep for the last few months," one reviewer says. "But this mattress is absolutely fantastic in its ability to strike a harmony between softness and support. If you suffer from hip, leg or back problems, I would highly would recommend the mattress."

8. The WinkBed

Even though medium-firm is the most effective quality for back discomfort the doctor. Huff says, you may want to consider the firm or soft options instead. WinkBed lets you choose between all three (plus an even more dense option) in its signature mattress. A cool eucalyptus-infused cover is sure to keep you cool all night long, and the pillow top with individually wrapped coils and memory foam will ease back pain regardless of your position.

9. Avocado Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are among the most durable according to the Sleep Foundation, meaning they're an investment that is worth the cost. Pay a little more upfront, but you'll be paying less down the line. Avocado's latex is a great choice because it's natural and organic and has three layers of supportive, firm material and is biodegradable. There's also a vegan option in the event that you'd like one. "I enjoy the cleanliness and comfortable , with no scent," a reviewer says. "It immediately eased my back pain since beginning to day 1."

10. Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam

With five different depths and a lengthy trial time, this budget-friendly mattress is an ideal choice for those looking for an extravagant feel but not a extravagant cost. Brooklyn Bedding recommends going with the 10-inch depth to get the ideal medium-firm feeling, which is what of Dr. Huff suggests for a relaxing night's sleep. Its cooling is due to open cell foam within each layer, allowing ample airflow even when you're asleep under the mattress. "Not every morning have we had to wake up with back pain, as we have done on all the other mattresses we've tested," one reviewer writes.

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